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Book Review: Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

Love, Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli

Title: Love , Stargirl

Author: Jerry Spinelli

Published by: Knopf Books for Young Readers on 14th of August 2007 (first published on January 1st of the same year.

Series: Stargirl #2

Genre: Young Adult, Children, Contemporary, Romance

Setting: Pennsylvania

Format: Ebook, 288 pages

My Copy Source: Internet


Following Stargirl's adventures from when she left Mica highschool all of a sudden to her new life in Pennsylvania where she was back to homeschooling. In this sequel, she meets new people, a new bestfriend and a potential new boyfriend.


This book was dubbed as the world's longest letter where we see a brand new story now in the eyes of Stargirl, whereas in the prequel, we heard Leo Borlock's POV.


Stargirl writes letters to Leo everyday in which she's still debating whether to send it or not but still she continues to write everyday and it served as her journal for her journey. She was devastated to the point of losing pebbles in her wagon everyday. She contemplates on a lot of things as she misses Leo everyday.


Now, I was stunned. Though I liked the first one a little more than this, but it doesn't make me love this less. There were two  different Stargirls that I have met. The first one being the sure and confident one, and doesn't care what others have to say as long as she is herself (although somewhere in the middle, she's lead astray, she still managed to get back to being Stargirl, the quirky and weird one). The second one, which I had the pleasure to meet, was another story. She's the unsure and the unhappy one, although she still managed to keep the sadness to herself to show the world a happy and cheerful facade that some might hate and some might adore.


In this book, I saw the vulnerable side of Stargirl, whereas in the first one, in Leo's POV, she's everything that the second book's Stargirl is not. I also met new people in Stargirl's life that I came to love, especially Dootsie, the spoiled but adorable kid (that I sometimes want to grab in the hair) and Charlie, the oh so loving husband who never leaves Grace's side even she's already lying in a tombstone and other characters that I adored like Alvina and Perry, and let's not forget Betty Lou, the woman who never left the comfort of her home (Just like in one of Spongebob's episode).


I can blab as much as I want here but all I can say is, this is even more magical than the first book. If you think Stargirl is MAGICAL, I dare you to try reading Love, Stargirl and you'll probably be "pfft-ing" the bunny hop at the Ocotillo ball. It is so far the most magical ending that I want to witness in real life. And I can also say that it's not only the ending that's magical, it's all of what she's done, experienced and seen. It's the night blooming Cereus and the mockingbird and the Thursday trips and all sorts of unconventional. (I am actually referring to a different kind of magic because this book is different than the first one.)


So I'm just gonna go back to my first-few-pages-impression of this book. I wasn't actually thrilled when I read the first few pages of it because I never thought Stargirl could be such a person, or a human for that matter. I thought her magical and rare but in this book, as I have said earlier, although she is still the kindest person in the universe, she is just a normal person who can be unhappy to the point of zero pebbles in her happy wagon. But the thing is, I witnessed the other side of her and I understood that even someone like her could still feel pain (though I already know that!). It's like she undressed herself and left her mystery and magic somewhere to be a real person. And I liked that, I liked knowing what's deep in her heart and what's buried in her thoughts and this book gave me that.


The first one may be different because it's how other people see Stargirl but this book is where you unravel a girl who is loved then hated then missed by people who once knew her. This book is not about her magic because it's about herself, so I'm sorry to the people who hated this one, but I really do think that finding the magic again is not the key to loving this book. It's about walking with her as she become more and more unsure and less and less confident but trying to seek answers just like a child who is contemplating so hard and in the end finds the answers to her never-ending questions and you'll finally see the real magic of Stargirl.


I am really hoping that there is another sequel. I want to know if Stargirl and Leo will be together, or just what happens next after Pennsylvania? I hope they will also make a movie. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.


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