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Book Review: Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder - Marissa Meyer

Title: Cinder
Author: Marissa Meyer
Published by: Feiwel & Friends on 3rd January 2012
Series: The Lunar Chronicles #1
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult, Science Fiction
Setting: New Beijing
Format: Ebook, 400 pages


Cinder is a cyborg, but the prince doesn't know that.

The prince has his eyes set on Cinder and he wants to take her to the ball but she has other plans for the night of the event.

The Lunar Queen, Queen Levana has her plans of marrying the Prince so she could take over the Earth.

There's a lot of things that could happen on the streets of New Beijing but with the death of the emperor, Prince Kai must immediately take over the throne while maintaining the peace between the earthens and the lunar. He is not yet ready and Queen Levana went to Earth with the sole purpose of being the empress to the throne. And with a sudden turn of events, someone that everybody thought was dead resurfaced, someone that could actually dethrone the Lunar Queen and end her dominion, not only to the Lunars, but to the Earthens as well.

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Book Review: The Sword and its Servant by Victor Salinas

The Sword and Its Servant (Grauwelt) - Victor Salinas

Title: The Sword and its Servant
Author: Victor Salinas
Published by: Understone Group, LLC on 20th May 2014
Series: Grauwelt #1
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Setting: Grauwelt [Fictional]
Format: Kindle [Received in exchanged for an honest review]

The links between the Nine Worlds of Creation are deteriorating. The Gates of the Underworld are closed. A veil of shadow shrouds all the land. Rumors of a dead savior reemerge.

Einsa finds herself without memory of her past and her origin, held prisoner by the Lowa, a species of warped monsters bent on using the Children of Mann for their horrendous genetic experiments. She and her companions are merely lab rats waiting to be plucked by their captors - until they decide to make their escape. Einsa's only hope for survival in the fallen world that awaits her rests with Klinde, an ancient and infamous warrior who is just as cunning and bloodthirsty as the enemy.



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Book Review: Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

Love, Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli

Title: Love , Stargirl

Author: Jerry Spinelli

Published by: Knopf Books for Young Readers on 14th of August 2007 (first published on January 1st of the same year.

Series: Stargirl #2

Genre: Young Adult, Children, Contemporary, Romance

Setting: Pennsylvania

Format: Ebook, 288 pages

My Copy Source: Internet


Following Stargirl's adventures from when she left Mica highschool all of a sudden to her new life in Pennsylvania where she was back to homeschooling. In this sequel, she meets new people, a new bestfriend and a potential new boyfriend.


This book was dubbed as the world's longest letter where we see a brand new story now in the eyes of Stargirl, whereas in the prequel, we heard Leo Borlock's POV.


Stargirl writes letters to Leo everyday in which she's still debating whether to send it or not but still she continues to write everyday and it served as her journal for her journey. She was devastated to the point of losing pebbles in her wagon everyday. She contemplates on a lot of things as she misses Leo everyday.


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Love, Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli
""Many girls have been romanced under the moon, and I don't mean to say moonlight is overrated, but few I think have known the magic of a sunrise kiss.""

Book Review: Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli

Title: Stargirl
Author: Jerry Spinelli
Published by: Scholastic on September 2002
Series: Stargirl #1
Genre: Young Adult, Children, Contemporary, Romance
Setting: Arizona
Format: Ebook, 149 pages
My Copy Source: Internet

Stargirl is not your typical type of girl. She's not the bitch-y type and she's not the school girl type either. She's neither anything that you can think of when you think of girl types. She's beyond words, beyond any stereotypical girls you may know from anywhere.

She's home-schooled for fifteen years and doesn't have an idea of what people normally does. That explains why she's different, but doesn't hinder her either to show who she really is.

Then she met Leo Borlock. He was fascinated by this weird girl and he learned her ways. But at some point, not everybody can accept her and Leo was faced with a decision: stand by her or stand by them. 

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Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli
"And... I see. I hear. But not with eyes and ears. I'm not outside my world anymore and I'm not really inside it either. The thing is, there's no difference anymore between me and the universe. The boundary is gone. I am me and it is me. I am a stone, a cactus thorn. I am rain." She smiled dreamily. "I like that most of all, being rain.""

Book Review: Love Rosie by Cecelia Ahern

Love, Rosie - Cecelia Ahern

Title: Love, Rosie
Author: Cecelia Ahern
Original Title: Where Rainbows End
Published by: Hachette Book Group on December 2006
Genre: Chicklit, Romance, Contemporary
Setting: Ireland, Boston, Massachusetts
Format: Paperback, 506 pages
My Copy Source: Bought

Alex and Rosie are bestfriends ever since forever. They were inseparable and they seemed to be oblivious to the fact that they are soulmates. Everybody sees it, except for the two of them.

Alex left to go to Boston because of his Dad's job and Rosie was left in Dublin to continue on with her life, though they found a way for them to be closer again. Rosie will apply to a college in America. And just when everything is falling into place, Rosie, being accepted in Boston University and Alex, getting into Harvard, a devastating news shocked Rosie. She's pregnant with the guy she went out with on a school event just because Alex can't make it in time.

Rosie was stuck in Dublin to raise a little girl as a single mother, she had a messed up life and Alex set forth in achieving his medical carrer, but he had two messed up marriage along the way.

They are both in love with each other for such a long time but neither of them had the guts to tell it. But when one had tried, someone had tried to snuck it away. They had at least one or two or more missed opportunities that could have saved them from wasting an entire lifetime of being apart if it had fallen into place. But fate will always be fate. It could throw all of its madness at you but if two persons are really destined for each other, they will always find their way to each other even if takes half of their lifetime to get back.


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